Free URL Submission: First Step to Launching Your Web Site

You decided to have a web site created for your business. You hired a team of web designers and developers to work on each page. You even employed content writers and SEO specialists to make sure that you maximize your web site’s visibility. Well, before you forget, there’s one very important thing you’ll need to do: submit your URL to search engines for indexing.

Yes, of course you need to do that. Don’t worry. This step won’t cost you anything. Many search engines support free URL submission for valid reasons. It will not just benefit you but will provide search results to people worldwide who use Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, AOL, and other search engines in the Internet.

Importance of URL Submission
By submitting your URL, you are officially launching your site. This marks the day that people across the world will view one of your site’s pages. However, this will depend on how you worked on your search engine optimization and online marketing campaign.

Remember that submitting your URL does not mean that your site will show up right away on the top ranks of the results pages. It only means that the World Wide Web has already indexed your web site and filed it in a search engine’s web site library. But to increase your site’s visibility online, you will need to work on your content and your SEO strategies.

Tight Search Rank Competition
Even if search engines listed you on the search results, it won’t mean that you will always be the first on the list. Remember that you are just a part of the millions or even billions of existing web sites and pages in the World Wide Web.

Ranking high on the search results is a constant battle between web sites. You may get the top spot for today, but you won’t always be on top. One day, you’ll have to give up your post to a web site that did a better job in terms of visibility.

And yes, all these mumbo-jumbo of search ranks starts with one very important move—free URL submission. So make sure you get this one task completed first before you begin searching for keywords or optimizing your page.

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