Review: Worst Social Media Blunders

SEOCurve com Review Worst Social Media BlundersProbably it is: social media is the new SEO. Yet despite the fact that learning how to use Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn is very, very easy, you can’t just type amok and promote your business to whatever means. To your guide, here’s a quick review to tell about the worst social media gaffes you should avoid:

1.   Snappy, dirty, posts to yield comments

First off, don’t ever tap on controversial issues if you don’t want to get into trouble. Pussyfooting on juicy topics can only bring the comments of those who are displeased. There are already many, many brands—some of them famous— have been under fire because of public rage.

And guess, some even closed their accounts after the event. Cantankerous posts may easily get you the attention and comments you long for. However, it can destroy your sales as much as it could build your SEO.

2.   Spamming

Whoever loves unsolicited tweets and posts?Do your fans a favor: give them peace and don’t use them as a commercial vehicle. If you want real advertisement, make people like you. Spammed content promoting your business will not only make a bad impression to other people, it will also turn off your fans and client base, or you may even get blocked by a social media member. When it comes to social media marketing, entertainment is crucial and lazy promotions can ruin your reputation.

3.   Spreading rumors

The obvious reason for not spreading rumors is, it makes companies look cheap— that is, taking it lightly. The myth that people will share your content right away when you’re first to broadcast an unconfirmed story won’t fare you any better than the spamming brands. Even if the news is relevant to your industry, it still needs to be credible. When you spread rumors, people will always find out the truth sooner than you think, and you have to pray that your little scoop is for real, lest you’ll be dead.

4.   Insensitive advertisements

Sudden, unexpected occasions like the NFL Blackout are the perfect time to tweet a related advertisement. However, public uproar can easily arise when the brand is too insensitive to announce a sale during a bad typhoon or post a chirpy message right after a very sad national incident. So how to avoid this? Personalize your posts and tweets and be updated with news. And when you’re using auto-scheduling for your social media, immediately check the next messages in line if big news hits the newspapers.

All the gems of advice in this review only boils to one thing: be respectful of people. Whether they’re clients or not, treat them as intelligent entities you cannot trick, not as traffic or potential links.

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