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With more than 750 million active Facebook users and 200 million Twitter subscribers, it is not surprising to see hundreds of videos, images, blogs, and articles lurking on the web every day. Most likely, these posts became viral because of its useful, entertaining, and visually interesting content.

But do you ever wonder how these social media content create wonders or how do they become viral in the first place?


The Power of Social Media

Social media is constantly evolving. It goes beyond typical means of communication and interaction. Besides being a perfect medium to share daily blurbs, favorite photos and/or videos, it also emerges as a useful tool for big corporations and small organizations to promote their businesses. Indeed, it is a perfect venue to interact with existing and potential clients.

Though social media is a powerful tool to connect to everyone on the web, it doesn’t always follow that your posts would immediately generate high ranks in search pages after it is uploaded or posted on Facebook or Twitter. Still, it has to be optimized and become share-worthy to gain website traffic.

But how does social media sharing increase page ranking? You’ll be surprised to know just how.

What’s the Buzz?

Apparently, when you post useful and relevant content, readers would start talking about it. This will generate “earn media” and backlinks as they share your content within their network. Moreover, research shows that “likes” and ”comments” increase ranking since search engines give value to the viral content of websites. Therefore, share-worthy contents are the key to engage your readers in each post.

Since search engine optimization is a complex and a dynamic process, reviews steps in creating a share-worthy content:

  • Start with a compelling subject matter. According to research, readers would most likely share posts that are interesting, entertaining, and intriguing. Therefore, do not publish junk. Besides good headlines, hook your readers by writing a compelling content that evokes curiosity, humor, information, and interest.
  • Write for your readers. While you may write articles and blogs for promotion and advertisement, it is important to consider your readers. What do they need to know? What contents do they like sharing?If it’s mere advertisement, they will find it boring. So, engage your readers by writing from their point of view. This time, place yourself in their shoes.
  • Ask. Since “comments” increase page ranking, why not ask your readers to leave feedbacks and/or suggestions? It will be a win-win situation. Besides having the knowledge about what your readers want to read, their comments, on the other hand will increase your online visibility.
  • Titles and descriptions. Apparently, Google will not find your post if it does not provide a clear description of the content. You should use keywords and meta tags to encourage users to click on your site.

Indeed, creating share-worthy content can make a difference. It will not only increase your page ranking but will also demonstrate how much you value your readers.

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