SEOCurve Reviews: SEO vs. Online Marketing

SEOCurve Reviews SEO vs Online Marketing


Probably you’ve already heard a lot about what is SEO and what is online marketing that you’re starting to get confused which is which. The answer is here, but just a disclaimer: this article won’t separate the two, because they are undoubtedly interconnected processes. One cannot exist without the other. But for the sake of distinction, here,SEOCurve reviews the ways to distinguish search engine optimization from online marketing:



         1.   Orientation

Optimizing a website means that you make it more beautiful to the search engine robots. Marketing it through the net means that you make your site enticing to real persons— those who will possibly be interested to visit your website. Thus, SEO is engine-oriented while online marketing is people-oriented.

The two have different goals: the first intends to grab the votes or engine bots. If the site is indexed at the top of search results, the purpose is already fulfilled. The second intends to grab the votes of potential clients. If somebody bought the product or service, the aim is achieved.

          2.   What they sell

Aside from the main goals, what are being sold during the two processes is also different. Optimization is all about selling content, it’s building your website’s reputation; it’s making great content so that people will see it and make it a go-to site.

On the other hand, marketing is a way of driving people who don’t have a clue on what your site has to offer, but what your company can actually give them. It’s about marketing the product or service itself in the Internet, but not the company website.

          3.   How they work

In terms of techniques, marketing involves less technical tasks than SEO. While optimization is more focused on technical aspects such as data manipulation, link building, and many other techniques, online commerce uses advertisements, freebies, and announcements. This is because they target two different entities.

Which one should you use?

If you are well aware how the two processes affect each other, the answer will be a no-brainer. You should apply both SEO and marketing to boost your online branding.

SEOCurve reviews that optimization and marketing are in no competition— they are two pillars supporting the same endeavor. You need to execute some marketing to improve your traffic, and sometimes, you will also need a steady flow of visitors to get your products sold. The two are a synergistic combination of branding.

Moreover, SEOCurve reviews that the best way to maximize the usability of your site is to always cater to both people and search engine bots.

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