Social Media Marketing Tools and the Power of #Hashtags

It all started when Chris Messina, not the American actor but the open source advocate, posted a message with a hash symbol on Twitter in August 2007. The message read, “How do you feel about using # for groups, as in #barcamp [message]”? Today, the so-called “hashtag” is at the peak of its popularity. Originating […]

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How Social Media Helps Build Better Businesses

How often do you log in to your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter account? Can you last a month without browsing your friends’ posts or updating your status? Why do you keep a social media account, anyway? Surely, a great number of people, like you, can’t live a life without social media. In the United States […]

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Introduction to Social Media: Learning the Basics

We have seen how the Internet has altered our lives. We saw how it changed the way we buy goods and products and how we interact with other people. It’s no wonder many of us rely on the Web and the social media to generate information and share them to the public. In a click, […]

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