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One of the most effective link building strategies is blog commenting service. Comments make a blog site very interesting and encouraging to read. They serve as a gauge on a write-up’s worthiness, relevance, and substance of

The number of blogs increased almost daily and it is difficult to find one that is highly relevant to your products, services, and industry. To do this, thorough research on the most widely followed sites and careful reading of trending and important posts should be done. You cannot just join in a conversation without prior knowledge on recent issues just for the sake of inserting the URL or links you are promoting. Also, you cannot just post your comments all for the sake of just being “there.” There are moderators who check on the relevance of a certain comment. If what you have posted does not have something to do with a particular write-up, it can end up in trash bin or be tagged as spam. Be reminded that these activities are not conducted on a one time basis. They require continuous monitoring so you are always at pace with current issues and concerns.

Sounds so tedious?

It actually is. But you do not have to take on the burden all by yourself. Our manual blog commenting service can effectively handle this for you. We do it manually because no software is involved in posting comments. This is executed intelligently that it is naturally written from the point of view of an enthusiast. As such, you are assured of a moderator’s approval. Moreover, your target keywords are mentioned wittingly and relevant links can be inserted to bring in qualified traffic to your site. From these visits come increase in business and page rank because search engines look through the bulk of “views” that your site generated.

You can easily track the progress of our service because we will provide you with a complete report of the actual list in which your live links are visible. Here are the key features of our service:

  • Approved, interactive, and relevant comments
  • Maximum of 30 words, including URL and target keywords
  • Selection of high page rank blogs
  • Manual posting, no software involved
  • Regular report on live links
  • Keyword selection
  • Blog Commenting

  • $2 per comment
  • Quantity
  • Turnaround Time
  • Report
  • drizzle

  • $100

    one time payment

  • 50
  • 6 business days
  • splash

  • $200

    one time payment

  • 100
  • 8 business days
  • burst

  • $300

    one time payment

  • 150
  • 10 business days
  • custom

  • TBD

    custom quote

  • Custom
  • By preference
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