Page Title and Meta Description Writing

What people look for. What hits search engine.

Beyond getting your target keyword easily seen both by human and search engine robots on a web page, its backend should also contain similar keyword. It will become a futile act if only the front end, the page that can be viewed by visitors, displays the target terminology. Similarly, if only the backend has the terms being focused on, the action will still achieve no results.

PAGE TITLE In SEO implementation, the page title and meta description are the “backend” portions where the target keywords can be placed. Page title is the text we see when we mouse over the top portion of a web site. Meta description, meanwhile, is the initial or preview texts we read in looking through search results.

Meta Description

Writing the SEO elements, though they may seem like short texts, requires focus to be able to come up with the most fitting statements. The title needs to mention first, as much as possible, the target keywords. It should appear as a real title and not something that is written just for the sake of having one. And since search engines have their own limits in terms of the number of characters they display, it has to be written concisely. Take a look at these current limits:

Search Engines

  • Google – Number of characters displayed (71)
  • Bing – Number of characters displayed (70)
  • Yahoo – Same with Bing

Meta description, meanwhile, serves as the promotional introductory texts for a web site. It should also manage to mention the focused texts primarily. This should be something that can encourage visitors to then click on the web site. Also, it has a certain limit as well, mostly about 150 characters including spaces, so it should be wittingly delivered.

Here at SEOCurve, writing the elements effectively is what we carefully observe. We make sure that they will capture what your target market is looking for. Our team can work on the major sections or pages of your site. Also, you have the option to let all the pages be optimized at its backend.

  • Page Title & Meta

  • $1.50/Web Page
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  • Page Title
  • Meta Description
  • Turnaround Time
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    one time payment

  • 10
  • 4 business days
  • basic

  • $30

    one time payment

  • 20
  • 8 business days
  • enterprise

  • $45

    one time payment

  • 30
  • 15 business days
  • custom

  • TBD

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