Social Media Marketing Tools and the Power of #Hashtags

Social Media Marketing Tools and the Power of Hashtags

It all started when Chris Messina, not the American actor but the open source advocate, posted a message with a hash symbol on Twitter in August 2007. The message read, “How do you feel about using # for groups, as in #barcamp [message]”? Today, the so-called “hashtag” is at the peak of its popularity.

Originating from the microblogging site Twitter, words and phrases and even sentences preceded by a # are now dominating the world of some of the most popular social networking sites. And this is but good news for entrepreneurs and owners of small businesses.


Don’t ever underestimate the power of this symbol. Through it, a small business can now win the toughest battle in Internet marketing.

Online Accounts
As a small business owner, how are you going to take advantage of the increasing fame of this “special character” to achieve your goals for your venture?

You can create accounts in six sites with the most number of users, namely: Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, Google+, and Pinterest.

What should you do with your accounts and the famous hash symbol to make it to the list of “trending topics” in the business world? Here’s how.

  • Pinterest- Here, you can use a hashtag to mark and look for content.
  • Twitter- The use of a hashtag in its ‘birthplace’ remains the same: to signify specific topics of conversation and monitor the trending ones. This way, you can add a # to your posts preceding your business name and products or services.
  • Facebook- On FB, hashtagging will let you bring your message, intended topic, or any post not just to your personal and friends’ walls but also on fan pages, comment sections, group pages, and events pages. Social media experts are one in saying that this is so far the most convenient and organized way to monitor discussions and events on FB.
  • Instagram- On Instagram, you can use a hashtag to complement photos shared on the site and help you discover new users and earn followers.
  • Google+- Clicking on # in this account, the search results will include the original hashtag and posts with similar keywords and tags.

Do you know the latest news? Well, Amazon (, the world’s largest online retailer, makes use of hashtags to draw in smartphone shoppers to its site.

Now, are you amazed with the magic of #?

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