What are the Problems We Can Encounter in Machine Learning?

Top Machine Learning Challenges


Machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence. It is the result shown when a search engine predicts what you want to look for just before you finish typing it, or when it helpfully disregards your bad spelling. Oftentimes, it is more practical and feasible when compared to manual programming. But as the data becomes more available, problems can also follow through. That’s why quality SEO services are here to give the best solutions for you.


Below are the common classes of problems in machine learning:

Content Search

Considering that there are millions of people around the world on different social networks with diverse needs and wants, how can you locate and recognize those who have the same interests as yours? What guidelines are you going to consider in determining their similarities? Since the possibilities are too broad, machine learning will have to face the challenge to find the answers, no matter how difficult they are.


The volume, velocity, and variety of data are continually expanding. The question is: can machine learning, those that were developed a decade back, be applied to the expanding variety of data today? I think machine learning should go through restorations to be able to accommodate large scale data. With the increasing amount of information, this is going to be a problem that they should focus on.

Opinion Mining

These days, people’s decisions are being made from the opinion of others. We buy products that have positive feedbacks and we visit places with the best reviews. Opinion mining has its own challenges such as how granular a judgement can be determined, and how subjective the thought is.

Online Advertisements

Today, startups usually focus around the space of online advertisements. But to be able to pursue the right advertisement in the right way, and at the right time, users need a lot of understanding when to target a specific customer. This is a great challenge for machine learning to determine the user’s behavior online to know the perfect marketing strategy, and when the client needs it.


There are countless choices available online that makes it hard for us to choose a restaurant, gadget, book, or even a simple product. The ability to do smart suggestions based on the user’s condition and not just based on crowd’s preference will be a challenge because it’s a great deal to understand a user’s taste.

News Gathering

Loads of news is being produced around us from different places about a variety of topics. But as much as possible, we only want to utilize those that are relevant and important to us. How are we going to get this information according to the preference of a user? Does their choice vary in time? This is going to be a challenge for machine learning, because this includes a great deal of making sense of news and articles.

We face obstacles in almost everything we do. The key is finding the best solution for it. SEO services can help solve all of your search engine optimization concerns.



“What are the Top 10 Problems in Machine Learning for 2013?”


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