Introduction to Social Media: Learning the Basics

We have seen how the Internet has altered our lives. We saw how it changed the way we buy goods and products and how we interact with other people. It’s no wonder many of us rely on the Web and the social media to generate information and share them to the public. In a click, we can instantly share photos, trade videos, or exchange views on various topics.

Are you thinking of using social media for your business or organization? Read this short introduction to social media to learn more.

Social media refers to the various means by which we interact and share information online. They consist of tools and applications that we use to converse, share messages, and reach out to the public.

Forms of Social Media
Social media come in several types. The most popular are the social networking sites: Facebook, MySpace, and LinkedIn. These tools help us connect to everyone in the online world. Social media can come, too, in the forms of micro-blogging (Twitter), video sharing (YouTube), and photo sharing (Flickr). Other types include wikis, blogs, podcasts, and widgets.

Benefits and Drawbacks
Social media offers everyone the chance to take part in an online community. If you are in a business and want to promote your product, you can use social media to market your services worldwide. You can connect with your customers with ease and make use of existing channels to build a valuable brand.

But these benefits do not happen easily. Unless you manage your online presence well, then this strategy may not work for you. You could lose your privacy, too or run the risks of getting your account hacked and/or getting cyber-bullied. So it will help if you take good care of your social media networks the same way you take care of your business/organization and public image.

To make sure you are not using these channels wrong, you should be aware of the benefits and the drawbacks they bring. Devote an hour daily to update your accounts or hire staffs to oversee them.

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